Of course, as the name suggests, we are more than a restaurant and we are really primarily a bar…. with great food.  We have over 20 Japanese whiskies, heaps of Japanese craft beers and favourite beers from Asahi, Kirin - and more. With Shochus and Japanese inspired cocktails, too.  We also have a sake list that has been carefully curated. We cover a large range of different styles and tastes, whilst keeping the selection at a size that we know we can be kept fresh; sake has a limited shelf life and we want you be able to sample sake at its optimum.  And if you are newcomer to sake, we have a sake tasting plate that changes frequently.   We also have a fully stocked bar with all your favourite beers, spirits and wines. Kanpai!!!

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Phone: 03 6288 7876

Email: barwaizakaya@gmail.com

216-218 Elizabeth Street

Hobart, Tasmania, 7000